• Help with improving mental health
  • Manage anxiety and depression
  • Grow confidence, self-belief and self-worth
  • Stop bad habits and create good ones
  • Help to grow social skills, social competence and how to influence others
  • How to deal with challenging people and situations
  • Mastering the art of popularity

Money Skills

  • Budgeting advice
  • How to deal with debt
  • Available agencies that help
  • Money management


  • Question and answer sessions
  • Ways to use nutrition to boost energy
  • How to deal with health issues
  • How to change body shape and size

I have found these sessions so interesting and inspiring, I have learnt that when you want to change your mindset you can by practicing and taking action, believing in yourself and talking yourself into doing and attracting it. Listening to affirmations, writing and saying out loud empowering statements each day to improve yourself and to motivate you. - Sara


  • Access to ‘Get Fit’ community
  • Learning how to do simple exercises daily
  • How to boost the immune system
  • Improving body shape, strength and performance
  • Availability for live group fitness sessions
  • Tailored fitness programme

Employment Skills

  • Advice on job searching
  • Tips for improving CV’s and applications
  • Access to current vacancies
  • Information on emerging industries
  • Skills assessment questionnaires
  • Review of skills and strengths

It covered a wide range of topics not on only getting us back into work but also wellness and health.

It reminded me of things I have to do to make myself more sellable to prospective employers. Also introduced me to things ! had not thought about. - Jeremy