You may be wondering what makes Transform and Achieve different?

Take a look at the story submitted to us by one of our 2021 delegates.

When I think back to six months ago, my life was very different to what it is now.

That was before T&A came into my life.

Like many, the pandemic had catapulted me into working from home.  It was dismal, I spent most days lying on the sofa in my pyjamas, covered in biscuit crumbs, sluggishly working on my laptop with the TV on in the background.  I always hated my unfulfilling admin job, but this was more depressing. The future was bleak. The days dragged on; junk food was the only thing to look forward to.  I remember one day in particular, after seeing endless adverts on TV showing smiley happy people training for a new career (Yuk! Who wants to learn, I hated school and hate learning) More advertisements showing annoying happy families all having fun virtual healthy dinners together; oh, and that irritating guy that was getting everyone to work out in their living rooms – ‘you can all sod off” I thought as I grabbed a slice of last night’s dried up pizza and hurled it at the TV.

Then I saw an email inviting me to enrol in the Transform and Achieve programme, which I did.

I didn’t know what to expect but I was gripped at the first session: there was an exercise called ‘Visualise Your Best Possible Future Self’.  I’d never thought about this before and it totally shook me. We were asked to describe how we looked in that future self, who were we with, and what were we doing? My visualisation was me jogging in the woods with a group of people and this was my social life. This surprised me.  Then we were asked to describe our lives now and whether what we do during our days now are moving towards that ideal future self or moving away from it. This was mind-blowing for me.

A lot of the positive psychology sessions were delivered by Lorenzo Hall. I love that Lorenzo is so honest and authentic, even about his own personal experiences, this makes it very easy to engage so that valuable information can be absorbed and retained.

He has this way of drawing the conclusions out of you rather than teaching at you.  It’s much more engaging – It’s like he’s unlocking stuff rather than putting stuff in – it’s like the difference between tuition and intuition the latter being far more effective in terms of growth.  He makes it all very light and easy and enjoyable – it doesn’t feel like boring learning at all.

There was a session with Carolyn Zimba which was really good. Carolyn spoke about the importance of words and how when we speak negatively about ourselves or have negative thoughts about ourselves, we are at risk of potentially projecting that image and ultimately becoming it. She said something about words become thoughts become actions become destiny. She also said that if we are not saying anything positive about ourselves, we should literally SHUT UP!

The things that came up in that session echo and enforce things that I’ve learnt in Lorenzo’s sessions where he mentions positive and negative thoughts/words when he tells us to ‘Mind Your Language!

Carolyn spoke about the importance of words and how when we speak negatively about ourselves or have negative thoughts about ourselves, we are at risk of potentially projecting that image and ultimately becoming it.

There was a session with Eli Anderson, who described himself as a “story-teller and narrative coach, living his purpose”.  What on earth was this about I thought.  Well, knock me sideways, this session was powerful, emotional even.  We started with a breathing session.  Eli asked us what we thought was holding us back on our path; he invited us to share together on the platform, and what came up from us all was that it was our own lack of confidence.  Eli, in his story-telling way, asked us to imagine that he had bestowed upon us a magical gift of total 100% confidence, and he then asked what we would do with this total confidence today?  Our responses were all along the lines of “I am going to walk with power, with greatness”.   He asked us how this felt.  We felt empowered and confident, free, invincible even.  It was an incredibly empowering session.  It was emotional because we were all disclosing our fears and uncertainties and that’s a very private thing, there was a feeling of trust and familiarity among us.  Eli used little narratives such as ‘A pear tree about to bloom does not say ‘I don’t want to do this anymore, I want to do something else instead’ it doesn’t give up, it just blooms”.  His session was incredibly galvanising for me, I had a feeling that I was unlocking something that is already inside, waiting to be released.  I will take this into my day, every day: I will walk with power, with greatness, and I will pass it on.

There was session was with Rebecca Young and it was all about realising our values to lead us towards a career choice which was more aligned with who we are as a person.


There were so many sessions, about finance, about self-worth, mindfulness, healthy eating, gratitude. There were even fitness sessions with Basil, 15 minutes of bootcamp, I’d never done this before.  Basil was great, keeping an eye on us always to make sure we were doing it right.  He told us that the sessions would energise us and increase the blood flow to the brain, ready for our afternoon session.  And they did.

Overall, every session so far had been like dynamite in terms of motivation and positivity.

But to do what?  What do I have to offer to the world? One of my life achievements has been to recover from substance addiction – but what could I do with that?

Lorenzo’s positive psychology sessions gave me to the tools to change the way I think about things.  My dead-beat job was now something I was grateful for, it was a steady income and the fact that it was so unfulfilling gave me the space and scope to pursue training in something else that I was actually passionate about, namely to work in the field of recovery from substance abuse.

Another thing I have discovered through attending T&A sessions is an end to my aversion to online training sessions.  I used to loath on-line training because it is just so flat and impersonable, I simply cannot connect or engage.  I never enjoy it and cannot seem to absorb what is being transmitted from a dead screen.   But the T & A sessions have just been so alive, so vibrational, so personal and engaging.  There really is something quite distinct about T&A.

T&A have helped me to see where my stumbling blocks are and have provided me with the tools to push through my own barriers and kickstart activation


T&A helped me to establish talents, values and attributes, it was also a chance to see if the career choice actually is aligned with these aspects of myself.  The training also provided a perspective of the employer.  We were given information on the hiring process and guided into writing brilliant CVs as well as good interview tips.


So many things I have learnt from T&A, such as:

Significantly reducing hours spent on smartphones, social media or watching TV and replacing that time with actions that gear towards the ideal imagined future self and keeping that image in mind whilst moving towards it.

Never underestimate the power of the mind.  Take action now.  Never stop learning.

Do your best, in every moment, whatever you are doing. Walk with power, with greatness, eliminate self-doubt and negative self-talk.  End procrastination by putting those thoughts into action now.

Leaving cues and affirmations around to kick start and sustain motivation.

Reading for one hour a day and devoting time daily to physical fitness

I have made an immediate stop to obvious bad habits which, consequently, has given me the gift of more time for self-development and more attainable and sustainable energy.

Using quotes that I have heard in the sessions as my daily mantras, such as:

“Walk with power, with greatness”

“Mind your language”

“Your Why is your How”


Overall T& A has been invigorating and exhilarating in terms of motivation.  I think this is partly due to the zest and interactive personable approach of the facilitators, enabling the participants to really connect and engage and therefore absorb the abundance of information.  I felt very highly charged and full of positive energy during the sessions, I felt happy, joyful and confident, and bursting to make a start.  I am well aware that such feelings can subside, and motivation can rapidly decline.

Then there is Lorenzo Hall the creator of T&A. In all the many years of countless online training I have taken part in; books I’ve read; studies I’ve taken; motivational videos I have watched; tutors I have listened to; this man emanates a fascinating positivity that I have never seen before.  The sheer character and aptitude of this man is second to none, and his carefully selected facilitators only echo this.  I am so highly charged after taking part in T&A sessions.


I now had a clear picture of what I want to do and a positive self-image.  I continued to play the movie of my success over and over in my mind – there I was – the star of the movie, training in my fitness gear, giving sessions to clients in recovery – but in reality, I was still on the sofa eating pizza.  I just couldn’t get up and get going.


Another session provided some great tools for this.  Lorenzo introduced the concept of “a strong Why will show you How.  This was about the reasons why we want to achieve. This concept is an absolute catalyst for me in terms of activation.

I contacted the rehabilitation centre I had attended to ask if I could volunteer to work in the field of recovery and they were delighted to take me on as a volunteer and put me forward for necessary training in the field.

Fast forward to August 2021.  Just six months after my first T&A session, and I am now fully trained as a Recovery Worker and SMART Recovery Facilitator. I have my first session with real clients starting next week.  I am also months into outdoor fitness training which I love.  And to think, only six months ago, before Transform & Achieve came into my life, I was lying on my sofa in pyjamas throwing pizza at the TV.