Transform and Achieve Online Classroom

Visual Group & Individual Sessions – interactive personal development programme encompassing all traditional Transform & Achieve holistic elements for mindset change impacting motivation & self belief.

Testimonials from customers
currently accessing Online

“Talking to the group and listening to others
encourages me to act rather than just think about
doing something.”

“It’s given me some clarity and direction and
something to focus on.”

“This has had a huge positive impact on my
mental health and enabling me to remain calm and
mindful about my current state and how I can go
about taking steps to start a career, I also have
learnt many different ways in which I can sell myself
in a way so employers will desire me.”

Our online classroom has a 90% retention rate with the current cohort.

82% have rated it as ‘excellent’

90% report feeling that their mental health has improved including feeling less anxious

100% have said it has improved their general mindset

Working with the leadership and employees within organisations to help them identify the key issues and challenges for creating cultures where people will thrive.  Identifying the leaderships paradigms that enable culture change and high performance and identifying the tacit mental models that inhibit and disempower people that they are responsible for leading. Getting to the heart of the matter for employees around personal performance, self-limiting thoughts, habits and behaviours so that individuals can feel a sense of control to be able to aspire to any goals they may have.

Bringing to light blockages that exist between leaders, managers and people that report to them in a way that provides clarity on the issues so that collaboration and effective teamworking can take place.  Developing winners and winning organisations.

Transform & Achieve Online
Classroom Schedule

1st June – 5th June – 11.30am-1pm
Monday – Competing Effectively in the new shaped
economy – Lorenzo
Tuesday – Awareness of My Potential – Eli
Wednesday – Practicing to be Impressive – Lorenzo
Thursday – Exploring Internal Strengths – Reena
Friday – Peak Performance & Achieving Life Goals –

Monday – The Art of Reinvention – Lorenzo
Tuesday – Facing Your Fears – Eli
Wednesday – Skills for Successful Relationships (work &
personal)- Lorenzo
Thursday – Movement between Perception & Projection
– (understanding what perception is & how it is formed)
– Dhiya
Friday – How to sell & present yourself effectively –

45 minute group session – about how to stay focused and support colleagues and staff and residents in this challenging time, some titles include Health, Habits & Routine (supporting them around self-management) and Decision Making in Uncertain Times – sessions can be tweaked after consultation regarding particular challenges a team may be experiencing.

T&A Online Bite Sized workshops commencing on 1st June – email for zoom links to any workshops you would like to attend. Classrooms will be held every day at 11.30am for 1 to 1.5 hours – come and join in!