Welcome to Transform and Achieve!

Through practical groups and one to one coaching, we provide strategies that enable our participants to transform and achieve tangible outcomes in the key areas of their lives.


Our mission

To discover, unlock and enhance the potential of our learners and put them firmly on the pathway to achieving personal goals. 

Program aim 

To equip participants with the knowledge and skills to increase personal performance and personal influence.  

T&A design options

Our experience is delivering a program that has been tailored according to the intended audience. We have over 8 years experience running programs in the following categories:

● T&A young persons program – specifically targeting 16 to 24 year olds and NEETS

● T&A young persons leaving care

● T&A adult program – all ages above 18

●T&A wellbeing program – people with complex needs and mental health challenges

● T&A hardest to reach and ex-offenders

Finalists in the UK Housing Awards 2020

"Transform and Achieve are strong in motivating and educating individuals in what they need to know. They bring the light back into the tunnel and they show us that there is hope." - Aleya

What Can Transform and Achieve do for the participant?

What Can T&A Do For You

People who take part in the T&A programme, whether face to face or online,
become consciously competent in the skills and qualities
needed to improve mental & physical health, social
competence, successfully secure work or start up and
operate a business.

T&A Results

The online experiential participative approach fully
engages delegates and we have found that our
retention figures are at 90%.

T&A program subjects cover

Psychology sessions The psychology sessions are designed to improve mindset, grow personal impact, social skills and social competence. These skills are fundamental for advancement in the learners journey of achievement and increase learners abilities to influence themselves and others. Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills can be used for personal life situations or when seeking to power up their career (eg get hired and get promoted). Participants also learn how to deal with challenging people and situations as well as how to master the art of popularity if they desire to improve in this area. Our psychology sessions equip people to:

● grow self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation and self-belief

● change bad habits and create good ones.

● improve mental health, (e.g.manage anxiety and depression)

Employment coaching

The employment coaching session develops participants in the skills and techniques to succeed in today’s employment market and sessions expose learners to:

● the employment issues from the employers perspective.

● the employers hiring funnel and how to get through the computerised ATS more effectively.

● Advice on job searching, tips for improving cvs and application forms,

● Online, video and face to face interview techniques and skills.

● performing effectively in assessment centres

● peak performance in behavioural and values-based interviews

How to shine and improve job

It is often not easy to influence others at the
time we most need to get their agreement.
Shining at work is about learning to sell
yourself into a role and being good at
handling relationships and dealings with
others. We provide the key skills you need to
get hired, keep the job and develop your

Create positive habit patterns

We offer unique coaching opportunities to help
avoid negative and unhelpful thought processes.
Participants are coached by a personal trainer and
a nutritionist who provide insight into easy ways to
stay active and improve mobility, and develop
healthier eating habits.

Increase social competence

Working as a group, participants are
encouraged to grow social, emotional
and behavioural confidence and skills
needed for successful interactions with

Holistic personal development

We help participants recognise the
necessity of a holistic approach to well-being.

We inspire people to embrace their
full potential to reinvent themselves and
take decisive steps toward future goals.