Welcome to Transform and Achieve!

Transform & Achieve is a habit change and habit creation, holistic form of
intervention tackling mind, body and skills.

We offer both face to face and online classrooms, so as to reach as many individuals as possible. 

For individuals
Digital T&A for Residents/Customers
Visual Group & Individual Sessions – interactive personal development programme encompassing all traditional Transform & Achieve holistic elements for mindset change impacting motivation & self belief.
Individual Coaching Calls for Residents
Particularly during these difficult times we are offering this service to housing associations who want to continue to provide support to their tenants – the coach will support them to come up with doable strategies to tackle their individual issues/challenges.

Finalists in the UK Housing Awards 2020

“Transform and Achieve are strong in motivating and educating individuals in what they need to know. They bring the light back into the tunnel and they show us that there is hope.” – Aleya

“I started to realise the potential and believe ‘I can’ rather than ‘what if’.  Having the support from the experts was great as I knew I was getting the best advice.” – Rina

For Businesses
On-Line Classroom sessions for Managers/Staff
45 minute group session – about how to stay focused and support colleagues and staff and residents in this challenging time, some titles include Health, Habits & Routine (supporting them around self management) and Decision Making in Uncertain Times – sessions can be tweaked after consultation regarding particular challenges a team may be experiencing.
Individual coaching calls for Managers/Staff
We can support staff and managers who may need the help to adapt to the challenging climate at the moment. Particularly around resilience, self-soothing (as a result of feeling trapped at home), building mental and physical well-being, managing anxiety and motivation.  Also providing managers with effective techniques to manage remotely.

What can Transform and Achieve do for the participant?

People who take part in the T&A programme, whether face to face or online,
become consciously competent in the skills and qualities
needed to improve mental & physical health, social
competence, successfully secure work or start up and
operate a business.

The online experiential participative approach fully
engages delegates and we have found that our
retention figures are at 90%.

With both our online and face to face models, we use a triad model of psychology coaching, exercise and
nutrition to affect mind sets, achieve growth and enable
delegates to experience change by stimulating neuro
transmitters and hormones such as endorphins, dopamine
and serotonin in the method of delivery.

How to shine and improve job

It is often not easy to influence others at the
time we most need to get their agreement.
Shining at work is about learning to sell
yourself into a role and being good at
handling relationships and dealings with
others. We provide the key skills you need to
get hired, keep the job and develop your


Create positive habit patterns

We offer unique coaching opportunities to help
avoid negative and unhelpful thought processes.
Participants are coached by a personal trainer and
a nutritionist who provide insight into easy ways to
stay active and improve mobility, and develop
healthier eating habits.


Increase social competence

Working as a group, participants are
encouraged to grow social, emotional
and behavioural confidence and skills
needed for successful interactions with


Holistic personal development

We help participants recognise the
necessity of a holistic approach to well-being.

We inspire people to embrace their
full potential to reinvent themselves and
take decisive steps toward future goals.